Looking for a high quality herd bull or replacement heifers? Look no further than Cranor Charolais. We are located in Gunnison, Colorado at 8000 feet above sea level – raising animals that are well equipped to handle altitude, cold brutal winters, and dry summers. We are proud of the high quality, registered, Charolais cattle we are raising.

Also offering beef for sale! We sell quarters, halves and wholes, as well as smaller baskets – perfect for any size family or freezer.

Lane and Hannah Kersting – photo courtesy of Jessa Rae Photography

Cranor Charolais was founded in 2017 by 3rd generation rancher, Hannah Cranor Kersting and her now husband Lane. Born and raised in Gunnison, she grew up working on the family cattle ranch. She left Gunnison to attend the University of Wyoming – majoring in Agricultural Business – Farm and Ranch Management. After graduating in December of 2016, she moved back to Gunnison to help on the family cattle ranch – Cranor Inc, and start her own herd of registered Charolais cattle with the help of Lane. Lane and Hannah are committed to raising high altitude and high quality cattle and beef. Get ahold of them today to find the perfect cow for your needs.

Picture of a Charolais cow and calf pair in the field

Why Charolais? The answer is in the math – more pounds more profit!

Visit the Charolais USA homepage and learn more about the breed!

Picture of the Charolais USA Ad - More Pounds, More Profit.